You Can Learn to Video Call

Video call is much more fun than a telephone call. With Skype, FaceTime or other video call apps, you can see the person you are calling as well as hear their voice. It’s easy to make a video call and children love to communicate using video. 

shutterstock_74479840Once you have made a few video calls you will feel as comfortable with it as you would be sitting in the same room and chatting with that person. Video call is sometimes called video chat.


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Separated from the children you love for work, travel, or because of divorce? Stay in touch with a video call. During a video chat you can help your child explore problems, find solutions, and celebrate success.


Today’s grandparents often live thousands of miles from their grandchildren. Don’t miss the smiles, first steps, celebrating holidays and special occasions. Video calling is easy and fun.

shutterstock_88597888-360Military Families

Video call brings military families together, to participate in the birth of babies, and attend special family events. It can make deployment outside the country more bearable and help those in the military services remain part of their family’s everyday life.

                                          Divorced Families

30633580h4Virtual Visitation, or electronic communication as it is called in some states, opens up many new opportunities for parents to communicate with a child they are separated from. A primary relationship with both parents can help to alleviate the child’s feelings of self-blame, loss, confusion, and sadness.