Fun With Puppets on Skype and FaceTime

Envision playing with puppets with children or grandchildren on Skype or FaceTime.  My friend Susan recently was surprised to learn that I wrote a book containing 100+ activities for Skype and FaceTime. She said that when she Skypes she just chats with her grandchildren. However, she was curious about why I would plan an activity for Skype or FaceTime calls. Calling and chatting is great but there are also so many fun activities that are interactive and that children enjoy as much, if not more that talking.

Playing with puppets is fun for toddlers and older children as well. The first puppet that I MelissaandDougadded to my collection was a small, bright red lobster. It’s a finger puppet that I purchased in a children’s store while traveling in Maine. We named him Red. Then I found other finger puppets in a Carter’s Outlet store and the tiger and dragon puppets joined the group.

Melissa and Doug have a large collection of soft puppets for a variety of ages.  My younger grandchildren have played with the Brave Buddies puppets while visiting with me in Florida. The puppets are comfortable for a child as young as 2 years old. They are also perfect to use for a Skype or FaceTime visit. If you are a parent who travels for work consider adding a puppet to your suitcase and have the puppet share with your child where the two of you are, what your day has been like, and that you both miss being with them. Children like to play so don’t hesitate to play with them during your video call.
To see other  puppets click on the picture of the puppets. 

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