Skype & FaceTime With Children Hands-Free

If you are using a tablet or phone to Skype or FaceTime try using a stand, mount or holder to enjoy being hands-free. When I shared with my friend Kathy that I talked, read and
Stand goose neckplayed with my grandchildren on Skype she was amazed. If you are using a desk top computer or laptop on a desk it’s not a problem being hands-free. For tablets and phones innovative stands, mounts and holders can make video chat easier and more fun. Think about puppet shows, showing pictures in a book that you are reading, and teaching a child to knit while using your tablet.wall mount

There are tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro computer that have the stand built in. Stands for your existing tablet or phone are also available in many sizes, and in a variety of materials and prices. Finding a stand that works for you is a snap. There are reviews of these products online to help you make a decision that is best for you. Here are some choices that you may want to explore.

StandStands, mounts & holders vary greatly in price from $7.99 to over $300. At the top of the price range is a beautifully designed and sturdy, adjustable, bed and floor model by Flote.

Archeer is company that sells stands starting at $7.99.

If you want to look at a variety of stands & holders from other companies search tablet stands on Amazon or check your local Staples, Best Buy or Target for other options.

Enjoy your next video chat hands-free and imagine the possibilities.

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