Connecting With A Newborn To One Month Old

Video calling with a newborn to one-month-old baby is a wondrous experience. You begin  this new relationship by connecting with sound.

Baby’s distance vision is limited and will take several months to develop. However, the  newborn’s sense of hearing is well developed as the baby has been listening to sounds shutterstock_82783864 - sminside the womb for many months. Parents’ voices are recognized, as are the voices of others  who are frequently around the baby or who were often with the pregnant mother.

In the Yale Child Study Center’s Guide to Understanding Your Child, the authors tell us how important sound is to babies. After birth, a baby is more likely to recognize his father’s voice if he talked to the baby while it was still in the womb!

Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings can begin a relationship with video calling so that the baby will also recognize their voices, even if they are not with the baby frequently.

High tones and gentle sounds are preferred–avoid deep and loud sounds, which may frighten the baby.  Adults often use high tones when talking to babies, so a little gentle talk from you will sound just right at this early stage.

Because the baby’s skin is sensitive, the person who is with the baby should hold and  stroke the baby during the video calling session so that the baby connects a loving touch with the sound of your voice.

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