Opening Gifts on Skype or FaceTime


“Grandma, I love it!!!” This gift, a puzzle for our three year old grandson, was a big hit. Excitement could be seen in his broad smile as he jumped and clapped his hands.

Have you ever sent a gift to a child and then wondered what he really thought about it? A telephone call or a note thanking you for a gift is very nice to receive.  However, it isn’t as much fun as actually watching the child open the gift. I’m still a fan of the written thank-you note, and an email thank-you is just fine. However, nothing is quite as satisfying as the excitement of seeing someone open a gift that they really enjoy receiving.

Opening the gift during a video call also gives young children an opportunity to identify with the person who purchased the gift. With a video call you are right there in the room enjoying that time together.

Be prepared as the reaction may not always be what you expect or hope for. I once sent pajamas that I thought my two-year-old grandson would love. What I learned was that the stickers on the package were much more interesting to him than the PJs. As a result of that observation, I added stickers to other packages that I mailed and I didn’t send clothes to my other grandchildren until they were older and could appreciate that gift.

The reaction to the puzzle was a real treat. We also watched our grandson put the puzzle together with a little help from his Dad. When he finished he said “can we do it again?” It was a priceless moment and memory.

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