How To Select A Video Call Application

Skype, FaceTime, Fring, Tango, Movicha are all applications available to make video calls, and  there are others. Which Application or app is best for you? Apple’s Macintosh computers offer the application called FaceTime to make video calls to other Mac computers, and to an iPad or iPhone. You need an Apple ID and email address to make video calls using FaceTime. All new apple products come with the FaceTime application already installed so unless you have an older device you will not have to download the FaceTime video call app.

FaceTime has the limitation that it cannot be used to make video call to devices that are not Apple products. Unlike Skype which can be used with most computers, including FaceTime2Apple computers, FaceTime is only compatible with Apple devices. FaceTime is also limited to making calls over Wi-Fi or cellular, this limits where you can make calls. At this time group calls are also not possible with FaceTime. Most FaceTime users agree that it is very easy to use and the video quality is usually great, so FaceTime is a good app for users of Apple Products.

Many computers, that are not Apple products come with the Skype app installed. The big advantage of Skype is that you can call any computer with Skype including Apple Skype Logocomputers. If you don’t have Skype installed you can quickly download the app to your computer or telephone by going to Be sure that you are on the official Skype website when downloading this app.

Another advantage of Skype is that you can make group calls. While on a video call with any contact, you can add another contact-Skype says up to ten contacts. This is an especially nice feature when
celebrating holidays and other special occasions with family members that are in several different locations. Skype requires that you have their Premium Membership to make group calls.

Skype, Fring, Tango and Movicha all allow you to make video calls between Apple
and Android devices. When selecting an application to make video calls you need to consider the type of devices – phone, tablet and computer you have, as well as the type
of devices that the people you want to call have.

If all your calls are to other Apple devices FaceTime is fine. However, if you will be calling others who do not have Apple devices you will want to consider Skype or one of the other applications.



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