How To Make A Skype Test Call

One of the features that I really like with the Skype app for video call is that you can make a Skype test call to check the sound of your computer speakers. Once you have signed on to your Skype account find the listing for Echo/Sound Test Service or Skype Test Call in Sound Testyour list of contacts.  If you don’t see Echo/Sound Test Service or Skype Test Call in your list of contacts type Test CallEcho in the search box right above your contacts and that should bring it up. Once you see the test, double click on the green call button and it will bring up the sound test window.

Click the green call button Test Callto start the test. Follow the instruction and you should hear a recording asking you to record a message. Record a short message…as simple as Testing 1-2-3. Once you stop speaking wait a few seconds and the test will play back your message. You will be able to hear and evaluate the quality of the sound. If you hear your own voice you have been successful in setting up your sound equipment. You then can click on the red telephone icon to hang up the test call. Red Phone

If you have a problem with the sound check out the troubleshooting videos in SKYPE HELP. Select HELP in the menu at the top of the page. This will bring up a page titled Solving Call Quality Problems (Windows Desktop). There are also links on this page for Mac and Linux users. Scroll down the page to find Audio in the list and follow that link to some helpful hints to solve a variety of common audio problems.

Follow these links to for instructions for Linux and Mac:

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