How To Get Help With Skype Video Calls

Skype has great support for users and it’s easy to find answers to your questions on their site. When you sign in look at the left sidebar for your name. To the right of your name select the three small dots. then select Help and feedback. A pop up box will appear where you will select Get help in the left column.  That takes you to the help page. shutterstock_90272782-650Right at the top of the page is a large search window. Just type in your question and click on the magnifying glass, or hit enter, to search for an answer. You can also look for answers below the search box. If you are new to Skype select the smiley face icon to Get Started. Find the list for answers about the latest version of Skype, and below that a list for frequently asked questions – FAQ

As I teach others to use Skype I often come across questions about features that I may not have used. I can find the answers here about using Skype for messaging, connecting to Facebook, using different devices and much more………..

If you are a visual learner there are short videos available on YouTube that will help you to enjoy using Skype. 

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