Grandparents Day

The Best Grandparents Day Gift

Schedule a video chat for Grandparent’s Day and send some love across the miles. Grandparents enjoy watching young children grow. Seeing a new baby and the hearing the baby’s early sounds is heartwarming to grandparents. Cheering little ones on as they attempt first steps, show off new skills like standing, walking, or pretending to talk on a telephone, can be the highlight of their day.

School age grandchildren can display pictures they have painted or drawn. Lost teeth are a wonder to the child, fun for them to share, and will delight grandparents when they see the new toothless smile. Kids like to tell jokes, and everyone enjoys a laugh, be prepared with a new joke to share during a video chat.

Most of all, grandparents enjoy hearing about what their grandchildren are doing. Older children can take a few minutes to share what sports they enjoy, what they are learning, and what they are reading.

If your parents or grandparents have not experienced the joy of a video chat, this book is a wonderful gift to help them to learn how to chat. Most computers, tablets and phones come with the applications they need to chat. If they haven’t used the app take the time to teach them how.

So many of our parents and grandparents are isolated this year. Schedule a chat for September 6th and send some joy across the miles.

Lillian Tibbles PhD is the author of 3 books about Video Chat with Kids.
Her latest book How to Have Fun with Kids & Grandkids Using Video Chat is available
in both digital and print format.

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