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How to Have Fun with Kids & Grandkids Using Video Chat

What are interactive video chats and why are they important for developing close bonds with children and grandchildren? The newest and most comprehensive book about video chat with children answers that question. Learn how to have fun while keeping children safe online.

Video chat is free, fun, easy to use, and one of the best ways for parents and grandparents to enjoy time with children who are miles away. This book is full of practical advice about how to make the best video calls, with over 100 suggestions for video chat activities with kids from infants to college age.

Video chats take place online. Danger is lurking as we see children under the age of two who, by watching parents, quickly learn to swipe the face of tablets and telephones to gain access. Learn about parental controls and privacy settings that will help you to keep your children safe online.

Learn about the “tech talk” and when you should start teaching children about internet safety. Know what  you need to teach your school age children and your teens to protect them. This is essential reading for parents who want to keep children safe online.


  • How interactive chats strengthen family bonds with kids
  • Why experts call video chat good screen time
  • Fun ideas for chats with all ages, infants to teens
  • Ideas for celebrating special occasions, birthdays, and holidays
  • How to stay connected after divorce
  • What you need to make a video call
  • The importance of Internet safety for children and adults

Lillian Tibbles is a grandmother and author of 3 books about Video Chat with Kids.
Her latest book How to Have Fun with Kids & Grandkids Using Video Chat is available
in both digital and print format.

Skypito – Keeping Children Safe Online

shutterstock_92398804SmRiding a bicycle can be dangerous so we teach our children about safety and provide safety equipment such as a helmet. Protecting your child when they use this wonderful video call technology should also be a priority.

Designed by EasyBits in conjunction with Skype, Skypito is an application you can download free of charge. It is designed for children two to fourteen years of age to help them feel independent while using the computer, at the same time, it is a safety feature which gives parents control of the child’s contact list.

Parents preapprove, with a password, those individuals with whom a child is allowed to chat. The child friendly graphics and games make this program kid friendly. It
requires the regular Skype program to be downloaded as well. Explore Skypito at

Just as there are telephone scams, there are also online scams—be aware and take precautions. Keep your child safe.