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Celebrate Thanksgiving with Grandchildren and Video Chat

With Thanksgiving 2020 fast approaching many families are concerned about getting together while the Corona virus remains a threat. A family video chat is a fun and safe ways to celebrate this holiday. Get creative with one of the many video chat apps like Zoom, Skype or FaceTime and enjoy being with those you love during this important holiday.

Here are some suggestions about video chats and celebrating Thanksgiving:

  1. Discuss Thanksgiving as a holiday that not only remember the pilgrims and Indians celebrating a harvest, but  an opportunity to explore the importance of thankfulness and gratitude.
  1. Share a virtual meal together. This celebration can be the day before or after the official day and still be a special event.
  1. Before the holiday children can talk about menu items for the celebration dinner. Involve children in discussing traditional Thanksgiving foods as well as sides and desserts they might suggest.
  1. Consider a video chat the morning of the holiday so children can see part of your meal preparation. With a portable device such as a phone or tablet you can demonstrate how you make a special dish or what you do to prepare for the meal.
  1. Have children share art projects related to the holiday either before, or on the holiday.
  1. Encourage children to participate in a special toast or prayer to start the meal.
  1. Lead a discussion about what gratitude is and have each participant, both children and adults, come prepared to share what they are grateful for or to talk about special times and people they experienced this year.
  1. Read children’s books like the Thankful Book by Todd Parr or Happy Thanksgiving Curious George by H.A. Rey.

Times are difficult for many families. Taking time to warmly and deeply express appreciation for kindness and benefits received can help us stay positive.

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